Men’s knitwear

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Danish designs and local craftsmanship

At Fuza Wool we believe in the quality that comes from combining nordic design traditions with local knitwear traditions from around the world. That is why our knitwear is produced by local craftsmen from countries such as Nepal, where they have been developing their craft and tradition for generations. We strive to partner with local artisans who work under fair conditions.

This combination of cultures and traditions means that with a wool sweater from Fuza Wool, you will get a piece of unique knitwear handcrafted with a focus on high quality. In addition to this, you help support the economy in the local area, where the clothing is produced.

The advantages of wool

Our knitwear is made with merino wool and lambswool. Merino wool is known for its ability to regulate temperature, keeping you warm in the cold and remaining nice and airy in the heat. Wool helps warm you up even when wet, and it does not soak up the smell of sweat. Our wool also contains a high level of lanolin, which makes it naturally water resistant and self cleaning.