Women’s knitwear

Fuza Wool carries a wide range of sweaters, jackets and cardigans for women – all of them made with soft merino wool or lambswool. Our knitwear comes in a variety of beautiful danish designs and are handmade with 100% natural wool by local craftsmen and women and produced under fair conditions.

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Handmade and unique wool sweaters for women

When you purchase a wool sweater, wool jacket or wool cardigan from Fuza Wool, it comes with a quality guarantee. All of our knitwear is made by local craftsmen and women from countries like Nepal, working under fair conditions. This ensures that every product is handmade with the local knitwear traditions that have been passed down through several generations.

This means that our products are not mass produced but handcrafted – and with every purchase you help support the local economy in the area, where the product has been produced.

Knitwear for the whole year

Our knitwear for women can be used the whole year round. Our selection of danish designs can fit with all four seasons of the year, so you can enjoy your knitwear regardless of the time of year. Keep yourself warm during the winter with a comfy wool sweater made with merino wool and cozy up during cool summer evenings with a lambswool cardigan.

We also carry wool ponchos for those days and nights where you need that extra bit of warmth and comfort.